Friday, August 31, 2012

08/30/12 free video report

Folks-we are in the final stages of finishing the new site. The chat room will not be free anymore once we do our launch. There will be too many people in the room and these will be new members. We will be raising our rates and have a special plan-which I will explain at a later time.  

If you want to lock into the $69.99 per month plan our the $500 per year, do so before we finish. Once it is complete-there is no turning back the clock with the new rates. The above video pretty much illustrates our ability to read these markets. 

I wait for the swing trade set up-which comes after the whip saw and Jerome has been killing the much faster trades. You aren't going to get better readers of the market-then our trading team at Marketspath. We will not be in every trade and we will be wrong. But we aren't wrong much and the moves we miss-is because there was no trade set up. 

Have a great weekend and click on the link below NOW to lock in our low rates. G-

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